29 September 2009

Project EVIE — a more beautiful world

Many people have asked this. Why Project EVIE? Why now? Why have you suddenly taken on this mission?

While it’s always been important to me, I’ve reached a place where I understand how much my personal actions affect the planet. I’ve made small changes in my day-to-day life to reduce my carbon footprint.

But as I grow older and have wider eyes turned toward the future, I am more and more convinced that it’s not enough.

Even though I don’t drive, there are so many cars on the road. Transportation is the largest producer of CO2 emissions. Motor gasoline accounts for over half in this sector. And more cars are added every day. So what does that say?

This is the fear most often given by people willing to buy or curious about buying an electric vehicle: It won’t make it. They fear failure. Enter Project EVIE to prove them wrong.

But our mission means much more to me — and to all of us.

I’m excited about the outreach our project will accomplish as we drive through foreign territories. I think we can bring a lot of us closer together. We can help each other understand one another’s cultures and ways of life. Much of humanity’s fear stems from ignorance. I also want to go on this journey to help different cultures understand each other better. Good will and love. It may be a cliché, but I strongly believe that Project EVIE can make one step in this direction.

Again, without leaving a carbon footprint.

The world can be such a wonderful place. Let’s keep it that way — and make it even more beautiful. Join the mission.

25 September 2009

Project EVIE — on the road to a more sustainable future

It’s no secret. Humanity has a problem with its carbon emissions and we are ruining the planet.

According to a publication released by Environmental Defense, the US has just 5% of the world's population but produces a staggering 30% of the total global automotive CO2 emissions. Furthermore, all around the world the roads are getting more and more crowded. China adds over one-million cars each month to its already crowded roads, contributing an overwhelming amount to the global environmental crisis.

This is not how we want to contribute.

If more cars out there today were electric vehicles, carbon emissions would be cut drastically.

At Project EVIE, we’re tired of imaging that world. And we’re dedicated to bringing awareness to the increasing demand for electric vehicles. To accomplish this, we are leading the first expedition around the world in a commercially available electric vehicle. Yes, one you can buy at your local car dealership. Our journey begins in New Zealand. From there, we travel across Asia and through the Caucasus before turning toward Scandinavia. After driving from the ArcticCircle and down Finland, we continue south, tracing the west coast of Europe, our eyes next on the Middle East. Then the length of Africa. South America. When we reach the US, we drive up California’s sunny coast into the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Alaska. That’s where we turn around and head home, to New York. During the entire journey, you can watch our progress as we keep the world updated online and talk with media professionals at every stop. And, of course, we’ll purchase carbon credits to offset the energy we use.

Six continents. Fifty countries. Seventy-thousand kilometers. Eight months on the road. Without leaving a footprint.

We face deserts, mountain ranges, rainforests, and volatile territories. But if an electric car can take all that, it can take you to the grocery store — or anywhere you want.

No gimmicks, no emissions. Just one mission. That is Project EVIE.

Maintaining the present will not sustain the future. The movement has already begun, but we must fight harder.

Join us.

22 September 2009

On your mark, get set, and Project EVIE is ready to go!

So have I told you about Project EVIE yet? It's a mission my friends and I dreamed up and developed to spread awareness about electric vehicles and living a more sustainable life, reach out to countries around the world, and, y'know, have some fun with it!

Our mission: Project EVIE will lead the first expedition around the world in a commercially available electric vehicle, taking one big step for a sustainable future and leaving no footprint. When we are done, there will be no doubt left that plug in cars can brave the open road with form, force and full functionality.

Visit our website.
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07 September 2009

New posts, different style

I haven't been drawing recently because I've been reading too much (Hamsun! Nin! Bukowski! More clichés!) but I felt like doodling tonight. As you can see I'm having not the best time. Not that anyone cares but emo shit is the most fun.

They are stupid. I don't care; this is my blog...blag...blah. You can view them here, but I wouldn't recommend it.

03 September 2009

Not everyone thinks I suck

Look, the dinosaur over at Apokalips made a drawing based on my fake webcomic:

It's so much better than mine. View it here.

Not like any of you cares or reads this thing, but I will be drawing more soon-ish. I've been reading too much and producing little. But I'm better at reading than making things.

14 August 2009

I'm with stupid

Don't think I don't know what you are thinking.

17 July 2009

Wrecked at the Wreck Room

I went to the Wreck Room last night to draw but instead started talking to these two chaps next to me and drinking whiskey like the well was running dry. And cans of High Life because I am a classy broad.
On Wednesday, however, I did manage to get three drawings done: the start of The Internet Series and this one that details my feelings on the creative process.

Or just view the whole blog.